Joshua Storm Becker







Who I am

I am a computer science student at Princeton University and am currently wrapping up my junior year.

My interests are in low-latency applications, producing truly maintainable code, music and signal processing, and machine learning applications. Most of my work experience is writing C, and most of my free time hacks are written in JavaScript and Python.

I am currently considering post-graduation, full-time positions starting Fall 2019. For my formal credentials my resume can be found here. If you think I'd be a good fit for some opportunity, please send me a quick email!

What I am up to

This summer I am excited to be returning to Optiver on the Automated Trading Systems team as a software developer. If you're in Chicago and would like to chat about anything, feel free to reach out and we can grab coffee. In my free time you will find me producing new firmware for the Snyderphonics Genera, a STM37-based digital Eurorack module as well porting those modules to VCVRack, a software modular synthesizer emulator. And, of course, you'll find me playing my synths, going to punk shows, drinking overpriced coffee, and gushing over cute dogs.

Here is a quick list of some of the projects I've worked (or am currently working on) in my free time while working/at school:

I personally value open information and community in both programming and artistic endeavors. As such, much of my original work is licensed under GNU GPL and Creative Commons, Attribution-NonCommercial where applicable.

What I will be up to in the near future

During Summer and Fall of 2018, I will be considering full time positions starting in Fall 2019.

Aside from returning to classes, during the 2018-2019 academic year I will be continuing my development as a research assistant for Jeff Snyder's Snyderphonics, as well as continuing as WPRB 103.3FM's Production Director.